Youth & Future Generations Day – Allow our children to navigate resources and businesses

We all face our own share of dangers due to climate change. But perhaps, it is the youth of today that will have to face the harshest realities and dangers in the coming years. The future is theirs and it’s this future that is in danger.

The children in our schools and colleges face the direct threat of living on a planet that is unhealthy and too scarce for them. They live under the threat of breathing polluted air, drinking contaminated water (if indeed they have access to any), and eating genetically altered food. On top of that, the risk of severe weather events like heatwaves and flash floods, are real possibilities they may have to face?

Today’s youth, tomorrow’s world

It goes without saying, it’s the youth of today that will ultimately replace us. It’s they who will work like we do, party as we do and even marry as we do. But it won’t be possible if they are not given an opportunity to do so. If climate change continues to eat at their natural resources, what chance do they have?

Climate change is not only detrimental to their physical health, but it poses danger to everything they hold close such as their health, nutrition, education and even their mental health.

Is it not our duty as caregivers to take good care of them?

At the steering wheel

The Youth today organisation has been making huge strides in the direction of reversing climate change. From doing a small thing like planting a tree, to taking up climate activism directly confronting the governments (like Greta Thunberg), it’s they who  are showing us the way.

Several youth-led NGOs have been innovative in evolving new methods of working be it in agriculture or in industry. From water-powered pumps to miniature solar panels, a simple Google search will bring up scores of young people trying really hard to do their bit for the environment.

So what’s stopping you?

Not much time left, right? Wrong

We don’t like to admit it but many of us are what they call ‘doomsayers’. We say that there is not enough time to reverse the changes and the damage has already been done. That simply isn’t true.

Even if we start today, we have a high chance of succeeding.

Hear the youth out. Commit to the goals that we have set for ourselves. This includes the 1.5 degrees goal set in the Paris Agreement. Innovate. Include more young people in policymaking. Make more climate-centred policies. Fight the demon.

What can you do?

To make more climate-centric policies, the world needs more businesses and capital. It requires more research. It requires more accountability of those who are in power.

It also requires focusing more on the regions that are the most vulnerable. These are Africa, South and South East Asia. At the COP27 Summit, we actively passed on the baton to the future generation to continue the fight against climate change and help us.

You can contribute too. 

If you run businesses, it is only right to expand in the fields that relate directly to green products. Energy, education, food, and water, the opportunities are immense and it would offer a brilliant way for your business to diversify.

At the same time, it would also help you help the world. You can take full advantage of the young, brilliant minds around us today. They really do have a lot to offer.

In all this, if you need more information about the summit, implications of climate change, business opportunities or anything else, the Seamless team are here to help.

The team of experts can help you in taking that first step  into an expansion that would help everyone, especially the youth and future generations.