University Operates a Centre in India: A Seamless Journey with One of the World’s Leading Private Research Universities

The university space in India is complex, but it has not stopped globally ambitious institutions from opening non-teaching centers to further collaboration with India. One of those institutions inaugurated its center in Delhi about a decade ago. As their activities gained traction, so did the intricacies of Indian regulations. Recognising the need for expert guidance, they sought a partner to steer through the complexities. Enter Seamless, a distinguished business solutions provider, poised to nurture their evolving demands.

Challenges: From Complexity to Clarity

The client stood at a critical juncture – the challenge of manoeuvring intricate financial, tax, and HR aspects amidst India’s regulatory tapestry, particularly within the nonprofit landscape. This is where the Seamless’ tailored solutions and specialised expertise empowered the client to mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and set the stage for an enduring partnership.

Solution: Comprehensive Back Office Support

Seamless was more than a service provider; they emerged as an ally, an extension of the client’s own team. With an astute understanding of educational institutions and a comprehensive suite of services, Seamless was the perfect fit. From financial advisory to HR support and even FCRA compliance – Seamless’ team ensured the client’s balanced risk and that its operations ran according to best practice in India.

Journey to Success: Overcoming Hurdles

Through the course of the partnership, no major compliance or tax conundrums arose, thanks to Seamless’ vigilant counsel. When challenges did arise, Seamless responded swiftly, collaborating closely with the client’s team to course correct where necessary. The stability of the institution’s structure in India has led to expanded funding opportunities and an ability to make a greater impact from its Centre in India.

Shared Values: Seamless Integration

A standout facet of this partnership was the seamless meshing of teams. Seamless wasn’t merely a solution provider; their finance, tax, HR and compliance experts integrated into the client’s leadership in India and support back on the main campus. This camaraderie facilitated unobstructed communication, proactive advice, and deft handling of challenges. Seamless’ eagerness to embrace constructive feedback and streamline processes underscored their unwavering commitment to the client’s success in India.

Looking Ahead: Pioneering Tomorrow

With Seamless as their compass, the client isn’t just weathering storms; it’s thriving in India. Empowered with a strong operational and structural foundation, they are expanding research frontiers, leveraging partnerships forged in India and back in the US. Seamless’ expertise has erected the scaffold for the client’s ambitious aspirations in the Indian domain.

Partnering with this particular client exemplifies the breadth of our service offering and our commitment to guiding institutions through the day-to-day of operating compliantly in India. We take pride in how we translate the Indian market to a US audience and simplify the market’s complexities. Michael Green, Seamless’s Executive Director & Senior Vice President, North America.

The client is at the vanguard of what foreign universities can achieve in India and our team is very proud to be part of their journey.  While student mobility continues to be a very important metric of a successful global institution, we are seeing joint research, alumni engagement and other activities drive what’s possible in terms of impact and collaboration with India.”