Time to Go Back? Part 2—The Benefits of Remote Working

With the sudden onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, many companies were left with inadequate working structures to function online. Without the ability to come to the office, businesses had to gradually shift to online working methods, which has now caused a paradigm shift. As of 2022, more than 20% of employees in large countries such as America are working online.

That being said, with recent notions to reduce work-from-home roles and move back to the office, many people are doubting which option is better. So, to get an understanding of how good remote working actually is, let’s go over some of its benefits.

Benefits of Working From Home

Reduced Stress on Employees

With remote working, employees are able to work in a comfortable environment that does not induce stress. Whether this is attending a meeting in the comfort of your own chair or working while listening to your songs, everything feels more relaxed. Thanks to this, the overall stress on employees is immensely reduced in remote working roles. Testament to this, 75% of employees in a global survey by Adecco Group wanted remote working to stay as a hybrid model.

Eliminate Unnecessary In-Office Distractions

Any corporate office tends to have a variety of things working in unison to make a business work. Due to this, there are a variety of noticeable things such as employees walking around or notices which can distract someone from working. Parallelly, remote working is done in a much more calm environment (in most cases) that can induce greater focus.

Saves Travel Time & Expenses

One of the clear advantages of remote working is the reduction of daily travel time and costs. Essentially, working from a physical location warrants that all employees use some form of transportation to travel to and from the office daily. This not only takes up lots of valuable time but can also end up costing a lot.

Customisable Office Space

When working from home, you can customise your office to suit your individual preferences and needs. For example, if you are a coder, having a multi-screen setup with posters all around you can help you zone in and be productive. This is not the case in physical offices as there are often common setups/offices given to employees.

Environmentally Friendly

Based on the advantages of reduced travel and cost, working from home is also environmentally friendly. Without having to take the bus or drive your car daily, you will end up saving a lot of fuel in the long run. Count this up for an entire company and the environmental impact is immense. Remote working, on the other hand, requires no traveling to be productive!

Can Work Globally

Getting a job in another country or state used to be very difficult due to the boundary of relocation. With personal, economic, and other factors involved, relocation is quite difficult and can often reduce opportunities for deserving candidates. Thankfully, remote working can jump past this issue as you can work from your own home in a company anywhere in the world. Just make sure to file the right papers!


With so many advantages, remote working is clearly not going to be gone for good. That being said, with companies aiming to move back to the office, it is quite likely that hybrid roles will take over instead of remote ones.