The Importance of Compliance When You’re Hiring International Employees

If you want to expand your business internationally, then you’ll need to ensure that you can comply with the local labour laws of the country you’re expanding into. Seamless, a part of Sannam S4 Group can help you do just that. Businesses, as well as non-governmental organisations, could be considering expanding their reach beyond their current borders. 

To achieve this, you’ll need to ensure that you comply with local labour laws. Otherwise, your business might get slapped with fines, or need to close down altogether. Should you fail to meet the requirements of the local labour laws, you may also need to deal with tax penalties as well. There could also be other legal problems that end up affecting your business productivity. So what can you do to ensure you’re complying with local laws no matter what the country? One way to achieve this is with the help of Seamless. 

From gathering intelligence to managing your overseas expansion, Seamless can help your business expand globally. 

What You Should Know About Global Hiring and Internationalization

When you’re participating in international hiring, you’ll need to develop protocols relating to global compliance, when it comes to your hiring practices. Here is how you can improve your cross-border HR hiring practice.

1. Classification of Workers

International companies that are growing make use of contractors to accelerate their expansion. They can also be used to test the viability of the market. When dealing with such workers, there is a need for classification related to compliance. 

  • In order to classify a contractor, a business will need to declare what the nature of its contract agreement was like. 
  • The business should not try to control the schedule or the work methods of the contractor they have hired. 
  • Full-time employees should not be classified as contractors, otherwise, the business can be fined. 

You’ll need to research the local labour laws of the country you’re expanding into, and Seamless can help you with that. From expanding into new markets to managing overseas operations, Seamless can enable your business to expand overseas successfully.

2. Labour Laws Across The World

Nearly every country has labour laws in place. These are designed to align the operations of businesses with the rights of their employees. Labour laws can be different for different countries. 

  • In France, employers need to provide their employees with employment agreements that are written. They also need to provide thirty days of paid vacation every year. Work days should not be more than 35 hours every week, and more. 
  • In the US, businesses usually make use of employment agreements that are ‘at will’. This means that an employer can fire their employee at any time. 

There are other countries where wrongfully terminating your employees could attract fines. Knowing what the local labour laws are, is an essential part of expanding globally. 

3. Work Visas and Permits

Another part of International hiring is ensuring that you meet compliance standards when it comes to working visas as well as permits. Should you be relocating your employees to work in International markets, then they must be provided with the right credentials. Otherwise, you could end up facing immigration penalties. 

Seamless can help you with more than global hiring. If you want to relocate your employees, then Seamless can help you with that. Aside from international hiring, you may also want to shift some of the employees who are currently working for you, into your new markets. Seamless can help you manage the work visas and permits needed to enable your employees to work abroad. 

4. Paying Talent What They Deserve

To attract good talent to your business, you’ll need to compensate them appropriately. Managing overseas payroll is an area many businesses struggle with. If you provide payments that are late, then this could attract penalties. You could also end up damaging your reputation in a foreign market. 

Seamless can enable you to manage your payroll, without needing to worry about getting fined. We will take care of global hiring, as well as payroll for the newly hired employees. This way you can ensure that you pay your employees accurately, and within the time they need to be paid. 

5. Entitlements and Statutory Benefits

There are many countries where employees are provided with statutory benefits. These can include: 

  • Vacation days that are paid 
  • Sick leave that can be extended
  • Maternity leave that can be extended 
  • Work weeks that are shorter 

If your business is participating in global hiring, then you’ll need to uphold the rights of your employees. They will need to be provided with the statutory benefits they are entitled to, in different countries. 

6. Permanent Establishment Should Be Avoided

There are times when a business may be asked to provide corporate taxes within the country they are generating their revenue in, even if this is abroad. This applies if your business falls under permanent establishment. This can be triggered in various ways, such as having a business that is stable, in a market that is foreign. 

If your business has a fixed office in the foreign country from where you conduct business operations, then your business could be considered a permanent establishment. Seamless can better help you avoid getting the permanent establishment tag when you’re expanding globally.

7. Maintaining Global Compliance

In order to maintain global compliance during international hiring and internationalization, consider working with Seamless. We can help ensure that you meet all the standards of compliance within the market you want to expand your business into. From doing your market research for you to ensuring that you meet local regulations and compliance standards, Seamless can help your business expand into foreign markets. 


If you want to expand your business into a new market abroad, then there are several things that you’ll need to keep in mind. From maintaining the standards set by local labour laws to ensuring compliance, there are several steps to ensuring that your business can operate globally. Seamless can help you expand your business into new markets, and ensure that you meet compliance standards every step of the way.