Seamless in Conversation: Global Horizons: North American Universities and India’s Higher Education Paradigm

In their conversation titled “Seamless in Conversation: Global Horizons: North American Universities and India’s Higher Education Paradigm,” Michael Green, the Executive Director for Seamless in North America, and Delia Hennigan, the Vice President for Global Education Practice at Acumen, discuss the evolving landscape of higher education and opportunities for North American universities in India.

The discussion begins with Michael and Delia reflecting on their experience of living in India and the unique partnership between Seamless and Acumen. They emphasise the significant impact of India’s National Education Policy (NEP), which has opened doors for internationalisation and collaboration between Indian and American institutions. The NEP has generated enthusiasm on both sides, with Indian institutions eager to collaborate with American counterparts and vice versa.

The conversation delves into the changing approaches of US universities towards India, particularly in the context of research partnerships, curriculum development, and faculty engagement. Delia highlights the diverse portfolio of activities, including alumni development, and the growing interest in international alumni work, which extends beyond Ivy League institutions to universities of varying mission groups.

They also touch on the demographic shift in India, where a burgeoning youth population seeks lifelong learning and flexible education opportunities. The NEP’s emphasis on lifelong learning aligns with the preferences of the young generation, who are looking for authentic and ethical education experiences. This shift necessitates consortium partnerships that involve academia, businesses, and young learners in co-creating innovative educational models.

The conversation further underscores the unique role of Acumen and Seamless in providing comprehensive support to universities, from research and strategy development to on-the-ground implementation. They emphasise the importance of in-country representation, signalling an institution’s commitment to a country, and the value of a continuous partnership with the Acumen/Seamless duo.

The discussion concludes by highlighting the significance of data security in the education sector and reaffirms the commitment of Seamless and Acumen to support North American universities in their journey to explore and expand their presence in India.

Overall, the conversation sheds light on the promising landscape for North American universities in India’s higher education sector, driven by policy changes and a dynamic youth population, and the crucial role of strategic partnerships in navigating this landscape successfully.