Seamless in Conversation: From Local to Global – Research-Driven International Expansion with Consulting Expertise

In a recent insightful conversation, Ed Dixon, the Executive Director of Seamless, UK and Kshiti Gala, the Head of Research at Seamless, discussed the vital role that research and consulting teams play in supporting clients as they explore international expansion opportunities. The discussion highlighted the diverse ways in which Seamless assists clients in navigating the complexities of global markets and making well-informed decisions.

Ed Dixon emphasised the pivotal role of the research and consulting team as one of the first points of contact for clients, helping them assess the feasibility of expanding into specific markets and making crucial location decisions. The team provides on-ground intelligence and strategic advice, enabling clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of market opportunities.

Kshiti Gala shed light on the various services offered by the research and consulting team. These services encompass market validation, due diligence, partner selection, and location advisory. She explained the importance of venture validation, where clients receive a 360-degree overview of the potential benefits and challenges of entering a specific market. This comprehensive insight ensures that clients can make informed decisions regarding market entry.

The conversation also touched on some real-world project examples. One instance involved assisting a private equity investment fund in understanding the K-12 education landscape in India, covering government trends, regulatory nuances, and the opportunities and challenges within this sector. This project led to a more detailed location advisory piece, where the team analysed micro-locations within a metro city, helping the client identify the ideal location for their operations based on their specific sector.

Furthermore, the conversation emphasised how Seamless’s research and consulting expertise supports international nonprofit organisations in achieving their agendas in India. These organisations are provided with strategic insights and guidance on localisation strategies, programmatic focus, internal power balance, and local fundraising, catering to the evolving landscape of international nonprofits.

Kshiti Gala’s extensive background in the international nonprofit sector enables Seamless to offer valuable insights and solutions, addressing challenges and opportunities specific to the sector. The team adopts a collaborative approach, working closely with clients and local stakeholders to gather primary research, ensuring that clients receive the most accurate and relevant information.

The discussion also highlighted the growing interest from UK-based companies and nonprofits in exploring opportunities in India, driven by factors such as post-Brexit trends and the potential Free Trade Agreement. The message is clear: it’s time to get on a plane, experience the realities of the Indian market, and explore the possibilities for collaboration and growth.

In summary, Seamless’s research and consulting team serves as a vital link in the international expansion journey for clients, offering a research-driven approach to market entry, partner selection, and localisation strategies, while understanding the evolving dynamics of the global market landscape.