Seamless celebrates 15 years

End to End Expansion Experts Seamless Celebrate 15 Years Of Excellence in the Global Marketplace

Established in 2008, Seamless, part of Sannam S4 Group, celebrates its 15th anniversary committed to helping globally-ambitious organisations to enter, explore and expand their footprint all around the world. We are extremely proud to serve an array of clients, helping them to make a real impact on society through the collaborative work that we do. 

Under the Sannam S4 Group umbrella, Seamless is the promise of an exciting future for organisations and brands all over the world. With a passion for growth and a deep understanding of the steps needed to make expansion successful, our team is the powerhouse behind ‘going global’ for businesses across the planet.

Our approach is built on the foundation of expertise, understanding, and insight. We know we’re good at what we do, and our success is all the evidence we need to achieve great things for the people we work for. Your business is more than just a stepping stone for us – we want to know you, understand you, and help you succeed.

Since our story began in 2008, our goal has been to deliver innovation and support to businesses that want to grow in South and SouthEast Asia, India, and beyond. Seamless is the result of years of cultivation, hard work and growth of our own, and our approach reflects the values and passion we’ve put into our brand every step of the way.

It makes me a proud co-founder of Sannam S4 Group & CEO of Seamless as I share another momentous milestone with all of you. Anniversaries are to recollect our gone glorious years and cherish the memories associated with them again. What began with a handful of resources has risen to stand tall to 350+ employees supporting clients across 25 countries & 18+ time zones.

We started by incorporating human values such as integrity, collaboration, impact, agility, empowerment and focus, and with the vision of opening up India to the rest of the world. Today, after 15 years of an evolutionary journey, our brand has become stronger and more efficient than ever before, with a huge customer base and growing intellectual assets in the form of our resources.  We are an exemplification in the market of creating added value to the client’s overall journey of entering, exploring and expanding in the difficult markets across the world. The credit goes to the employees and clients both of who continue to push themselves to reach their equally high aspirations. 

I can’t thank you enough for not only making Seamless a part of your lives but also helping us reach out to the world. Let’s turn eagerly to the years that lie ahead and keep dreaming big, but achieving bigger”. – Kapil Dua, Co-Founder Sannam S4 Group and Seamless CEO