Partner Selection

Strike Lucrative Deals with Help from Seamless.


Negotiating with distributors and potential business partners is vital for any entrepreneur hoping to grow their business. Whether you require services from a B2B company or want to build a lasting partnership with a distributor, you’ll need to liaise with others on a daily basis.

If this sounds complex or time-consuming, Seamless is here to help. We’ll help you identify relevant partner organisations, as well as organise meetings on your behalf. If you’re having trouble connecting with other companies in Asia or beyond, we’ll happily take control of your communications strategy.

Business matching services

Are you struggling to nurture lasting partnerships with other businesses? Perhaps you’re accustomed to sending emails and never receiving a reply? Don’t fret – our team are on-hand to match your organisation with relevant businesses. We’ve developed an effective screening strategy to help you identify reliable B2B prospects who will genuinely benefit your operations. What’s more, we’re happy to arrange meetings at a time that suits both parties, taking time zones into account.

Distributor selection services

Sourcing reliable distributors and resellers is crucial for businesses hoping to expand their influence in new markets and localities. But how can you be sure that prospective distributors will deliver? And how should you liaise effectively to secure a fair and cost-effective deal? This is where Seamless comes in.

We’ve created a database containing thousands of premium distributors and resellers across Asia and beyond. Whatever sector you operate within, we’ve got a wide range of contacts available to help you strike lucrative partnerships with respected B2B organisations.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll even contact distributors on your behalf. This is great news if you’re unable to communicate with resellers in their native language or struggle to find time to respond to length email threads. Our trained negotiators will help to pitch your company in an appealing light, assuring distributors of your potential for stunning growth.

Our pre-qualification strategy also ensures that you won’t be ripped off by dodgy suppliers. We use rigorous vetting techniques to find honest organisations run by excellent business minds. Whether you’re working in the medical, technology, retail, or food sector, we’re here to find profitable partnerships quickly and painlessly.

Why choose us?

At Seamless, our partner selection services include the following excellent benefits:

We’ll discuss your requirements in detail before approaching any third parties, ensuring that we don’t waste your time or that of other businesses.
We’re experts at liaising with local companies and know how to influence key decision-makers during important meetings. If you’re unsure about how to pitch your business to foreign leaders, you can rely on us to do an impeccable job.
We’ll arrange all the minor details for your negotiations, such as transportation to meetings and translation services (if necessary).
We’re happy to work around your commitments to schedule timely appointments in a format that suits you (including videoconferencing and face-to-face meetings).

Don’t hesitate to contact Seamless today!

If you’re planning to expand your business into foreign regions, you’ll need to liaise with a range of business leaders and key decision-makers. If this sounds daunting, Seamless is here to help. We’ll handle all your negotiations with distributors, suppliers, resellers, and other B2B organizations, with a view to securing the best deals possible. Get in touch today to chat with a friendly advisor or discuss your requirements.