Outsourcing To India? Advantages For Your Business

With the business environment becoming increasingly competitive, it is essential for teams to focus on core activities for success. Due to this, a common way companies are able to reduce their internal burden while often saving money is via outsourcing. Outsourcing allows companies to keep departments running efficiently without having to acquire and maintain the complete resources to do so themselves.

In particular, India has become a prime location for global companies to set up offshore customer support locations. This is due to various reasons which can be a major advantage for companies across the world. So, let’s look into some of the advantages when outsourcing to India.

A Pro-Digital Environment

A prominent advantage of setting up shop in India that many people overlook is the country’s digital-first environment. Specifically, the Indian IT sector which is highly focused on maintaining a digital platform for various facets of work. This was visible during the COVID-19 pandemic when the entire world was facing a slowdown while the Indian IT sector managed to grow by 15.5% (2021-2022). Thanks to this, the country manages to maintain an efficient and robust IT sector that has progressed past most of the world in recent decades.

So, with backing from both the IT sector and the Indian Government, there is a highly advantageous environment set up which makes outsourcing ideal. With giant leaps taken in technological innovation, research, and more, any business can benefit and flourish.

Increased Connectivity

With the support of large Indian conglomerates such as the Reliance Group, the telecom, and connectivity sector in India has seen a massive boom. With the internet having been introduced in 1986 but kept from the public for nearly a decade, India was initially off to a slow start. That being said, since the introduction of 3G in 2008, things have skyrocketed bringing the entire country into the network. As of 2022, the country has approximately 700 million internet users and is expected to reach 900 million by 2025. However, even with such a large online population, this is still less than 50% of the total and numbers are set to rise continuously in the future.

With so many people interacting, connecting, and working online, outsourcing becomes much more enticing and lucrative. This is because entering a country that is well-connected makes a wealth of business activities much more streamlined and accessible. Moreover, with local governments promoting further connectivity, this advantage is ideal for most businesses looking to outsource.

An Abundance Of Skilled Talent

One of the key benefits of outsourcing business activities to India is the prominent availability of skilled talent. According to most estimates, the number of English speakers sits at around 10% of the population which is a whopping 140 million people. With so many people able to communicate with international countries and businesses, the language barrier is an issue of the past.

Coupled with the mass of English speakers, India is also rising immensely when it comes to skilled talent in advanced fields. Through government support and local ideologies, a large number of the population is involved in Engineering and IT sector fields. This provides outsourced units with an abundance of efficient and skilled employees. Thanks to campaigns such as Skill India, the amount of talent in the country is continuing to grow at a stable rate.


These advantages, combined with a noticeable cost efficiency when setting up in India make it an ideal location for business outsourcing. Whether this is outsourcing a customer support team or an IT maintenance unit, each process can be aptly and efficiently managed in India.