Multiple Entry Visas— your passport to further explore the magnificent wonders of Indonesia

Are you planning a vacation in Indonesia this year and looking for an easy way to explore its many wonders? Your search is over – the Indonesian government has made it easier than ever for tourists to visit multiple destinations by restarting its popular Multiple Entry Visa Service. With one convenient visa, travelers can now travel in and out of Indonesia as often as they’d like during their permitted stay – offering a level of freedom seldom seen elsewhere! Read more about how this exciting development may benefit your next great adventure.

What is an Indonesian multiple-entry visa service?

Indonesian multiple-entry visa service is a convenient way for travelers to get a valid, long-term visa for Indonesia. This type of visa allows the holder to enter, exit, and re-enter Indonesia multiple times during its validity period. The application process can be completed online, and the visa will be issued within 3-5 business days. 

With this type of entry, travelers don’t need to worry about visa renewals or applying for a new visa each time they want to enter Indonesia. It’s the perfect solution for those who plan on traveling to Indonesia multiple times over a year or who may need to make unexpected return trips. With an Indonesian multiple-entry visa service, you can take advantage of all the great experiences Indonesia offers.  

Benefits of an Indonesian multiple-entry VISA

The Indonesian multiple-entry visa offers a host of benefits for travelers. Here are some other benefits this type of visa offers:-

1. Convenience

Multiple-entry visas are typically issued for a full year and require only one application to cover that period. This saves time and hassle for those who need to make multiple trips during the year. So they don’t have to apply for a new visa whenever they want to enter Indonesia.

2. Cost Savings

Multiple-entry visas offer an economical option for those who need to travel frequently. A single visa is much cheaper than applying for and paying for multiple single-entry visas over a year.

3. Flexibility  

With a multiple-entry visa, travelers can enter and leave Indonesia as often as they wish during the year. This makes it perfect for those who may need to travel regularly for business or pleasure without worrying about applying for separate visas each time.

4. Security 

Indonesian multiple-entry visas are much more secure than single-entry ones, as they come with higher background checks and verification procedures. This ensures that travelers to Indonesia are who they say they are while also helping to protect the country’s security interests.

5. Long-term Visits 

For travelers planning a longer stay in Indonesia, the multiple-entry visa allows them to come and go as they please without worrying about visa renewals.  This makes it easier for those who need to travel in and out of the country regularly while they are there.

How do I obtain an Indonesian multiple-entry visa?

Obtaining an Indonesian multiple-entry visa is relatively straightforward. The process involves submitting the necessary documents and fees to the relevant embassy or consulate and undergoing an interview. Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, there may be additional requirements.

1)The first step in obtaining an Indonesian multiple-entry visa is to fill out the application form. 

2)The form will ask for information about your passport, travel plans, and other personal details. 

3)Once the application has been completed, it should be submitted to the relevant embassy or consulate along with a copy of your passport, two passport-sized photographs, and any applicable fees. 

4)Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, additional documents may need to be submitted.

5)In addition to submitting the necessary paperwork, applicants may also need to attend an interview with a consular officer. 

6)This will usually involve answering questions about your travel plans and any potential activities you plan to carry out while in Indonesia.

7)Once all the required paperwork and fees have been submitted. And the interview has been completed; you will receive a letter or email informing you of your visa status. 

8)You should then be able to pick up your passport with the visa affixed inside once it’s ready.

If at any point during the process you are unsure of what is required, it is best to contact the relevant embassy or consulate for specific instructions.


The Indonesian government has restarted its multiple entry visa (MEV) service. This will allow tourists from select countries to visit the country without applying for a new visa each time. If you are interested in visiting Indonesia for up to 90 days without having to reapply for a visa each time, please visit SeamlessGlobal for more information on how to apply.