International Structuring & Setup

End-to-end technical advice on setup, money flows, regulatory requirements, taxation, and people considerations. Now that's, Seamless.


Intelligent business decisions backed by insight form the crux of any successful business.

Any business that hopes to operate successfully on an international level needs to have an intricate understanding of the technicalities regarding the most fundamental business functions. Seamless helps you to structure and plan for international trade.

What our clients say...

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"We have been overwhelmed by the interest in our product range in India and are now looking at ways of building capacity to meet demand. We now see India as a core export market, as part of our longer term strategy."

Managing Director
Manufacturing company
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"Seamless' understanding of the South Asian markets make them an excellent business contact for anyone looking to expand into India. Their sense of urgency and ‘can-do’ attitude is reflected in their approach to relationships and projects alike."

Managing Director
Global Healthcare Company
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Truly end-to-end expansion experts, Seamless will advise and help you navigate complex international setups and structures.
Review your fund flows:

Seamless provides practical advice on reviewing your various fund flows. This ensures that you remain wholly compliant and are maximising your revenue opportunities. We also support international financing, including research grants and more.

Model your financial aims:

The process of any for-profit company’s decision making is driven by its financial aims. We work with you to create a viable financial model and projected budget that results in profit for your company.

Explore your objective options:

Start-ups and established businesses alike have to continually re-evaluate which objectives are most productive. Seamless helps you to determine which goals are going to reap the greatest success for your business at the present time.

Understand your driving factors:

Understanding the USPs and driving force of your company is crucial for breaking into international markets. Not only this but knowing what motivates those within your company is also crucial for encouraging good, hard work.

Structure your company accordingly:

International businesses operate differently from local ones. We can help you to create a solid structure that stands strong, no matter the country you offer your deliverables in. The world is your oyster when you trust Seamless.

How Seamless can help you...


Understanding needs and matching to effective delivery models reflecting local regulatory, tax, compliance and governance requirements (for-profit vs nonprofit, entity vs PEO, localisation etc.)


Review of fund flows to ensure they take place in a compliant manner, tax leakage is minimised and risk is managed (considering associated activities e.g. tax, immigration etc.). Support with international aspects of research grant acceptance and utilisation.


Understanding factors driving the need for change (people, financial, regulatory, tax) and presenting alternate models for operating.


Modelling to help clients drive accurate decision making.


Any ad hoc work required to support clients e.g. agreement review, supporting clients on partner calls etc.


Regulatory (FDI, banking etc.), activity specific regulations, tax assessment (corporate tax, GST, transfer pricing, PE risk etc.), funding etc. Applicable in exploring diverse objectives e.g. TNE, research fund deployment, fundraising, student recruitment, executive education, IP commercialisation etc.


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