Higher education global expansion services


Are you a higher education institution looking to expand overseas? If so, Seamless is your go-to global expansion partner. With resources, knowledge and information spanning more than a decade, we’ll guide, support and manage your expansion efforts.

We simplify the process, mitigate risks, minimise challenges and provide end-to-end solutions. But how do we do this?

What we do

The Seamless team helps higher education organisations attain their lofty aspirations of international growth. From offering insight and intelligence to ongoing governance and control, we partner with you to streamline your global expansion plans.

Our services are efficient, professional and tried and tested, guaranteeing you reach your goals for international expansion.

We offer the following services:

1. Streamline international expansion plans for universities

Universities seeking to expand globally and provide transnational education (TNE) face many complexities and technicalities. From regulatory compliance to planning and structuring, higher education institutions need to conduct thorough market research to succeed as a TNE entity. This can prove difficult and stressful, requiring support from a global expansion partner.

ENTER: Seamless.

Seamless helps universities and non-profits navigate the complexities of their international expansion plans. We accelerate their global reach and optimise their compliance, HR and international finance-related operations.

We streamline international expansion plans through:

Planning, intelligence and insight
Expansion support and execution
Organisation planning and structuring
Governance control and consultation

Currently, we represent ten universities from two countries, giving them the support they need to remain compliant and manage ongoing operations. We are continually helping these institutions set up entities across Asia and Latin America.

2. Facilitate fundraising efforts

Both non-profits and research-based education institutions rely on fundraising to execute their global expansion plans. This stiff competition means most fundraising efforts fall short, resulting in limited resources for international growth.

Luckily, at Seamless, we have a network of supporters and partners who help with local fundraising and research funding efforts. We also receive donations from committed alumni. In turn, we facilitate funding for various university projects, including:

Women’s entrepreneurship programming
Clean air studies
Clinical trials for tuberculosis research

3. Financial support services

Higher education institutions and non-profits need to complete certain steps before conducting global operations. This includes establishing local bank accounts and entities to transfer funds globally.

Our financial support services ensure higher education institutions and non-profits legally set up their entities and bank accounts. We manage ongoing operations and compliance efforts, making international projects a reality.

4. Tax implications

With TNE partnerships becoming more popular, higher education institutions are seeking more autonomy over their liabilities, reputation and brand. This aims to stimulate growth, maintain international operation continuity, and guarantee high-quality educational services.

To achieve this, universities need their entities and bank accounts. Unfortunately, there are several complex tax implications associated with international money transfers. For one, tax exemption statuses differ between countries.

Fortunately, with Seamless, higher education institutions no longer have to worry about tax implications. We help universities worldwide create tax-exempt structures and fundraise effectively. Our knowledge and expertise ensure we can develop the right structure for your TNE by weighing all the risk factors.

We are up-to-date with tax compliance requirements, guaranteeing you get a tax-exempt status that aligns with your long-term and short-term goals. We also offer alumni tax credits for donations.

Let us help

With Seamless, our top priority is to serve the international growth aspirations of higher education institutions in various foreign markets. We are your on-the-ground trusted partner who navigates complexities, addresses your pain points and offers reliable end-to-end solutions to challenges.

We work with you every step of the way, helping you achieve your bottom line. Contact our team today to get professional help with your global expansion plans.