Governance and Control

Good governance and control keeps your organisation steady on rough waters


Companies can be difficult at the best of times, and this is especially the case when dealing with difficult transitions.

This is where making full use of effective governance and control is key, bringing your company’s processes to order. Seamless support good governance throughout our clients’ businesses.
What our clients say...

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"We have been overwhelmed by the interest in our product range in India and are now looking at ways of building capacity to meet demand. We now see India as a core export market, as part of our longer term strategy."

Managing Director
Manufacturing company
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"Seamless' understanding of the South Asian markets make them an excellent business contact for anyone looking to expand into India. Their sense of urgency and ‘can-do’ attitude is reflected in their approach to relationships and projects alike."

Managing Director
Global Healthcare Company
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Truly end-to-end expansion experts, Seamless will advise and help you navigate complex international setups and structures.
Monitor your organisation’s compliance:

Compliance is a difficult subject in the world of business, with regulations shifting from industry to industry, and even entirely differing across borders. Breaching compliance leads to fines and even winding-up orders, so remaining within the law is essential. Seamless supports companies in ensuring compliance and retaining full regulatory alignment.

Completing your due diligence:

When your company is involved in a range of different partnerships, ensuring that your partners align with regulation is key. The alternative is reputational damage or even fines for breaking the law. Seamless completes thorough due diligence, ensuring that your partners remain within the law on a consistent basis.

Supporting your legal team:

Having thorough support in the event of legal cases is key. Whether these issues are internal or external, legal battles are expensive and avoiding them is an advantage for any company. Seamless supports your legal cases both nationally and internationally, protecting them from litigation and other related issues.

Assessing your company’s risks:

A key aspect of governance is ensuring safety in terms of project risks and the associated rewards. At the heart of these is the implementation of thorough risk assessment protocols that establish the risks of any route of action and responses to those risks. Seamless’ independence means we take an unbiased view and support the best course of action for the organisation.

Check your employee health:

Your employees are some of the most important cogs in the machine of our organisation. Ensure that your employees are in the best of health, especially when working in more risky industries, with Seamless’ high-end consultancy services.

Independent Validation To Provide Control


A service that keeps clients up to date with changes in compliance in South and South East Asian markets.


Review of fund flows to ensure they take place in a compliant manner, tax leakage is minimised and risk is managed (considering associated activities e.g. tax, immigration etc.). Support with international aspects of research grant acceptance and utilisation.


A thorough review of local operations to support management (local and central) in building strength.


Modelling to help clients drive accurate decision making.


Provision of legal support to ensure clients are supported as they work internationally.


Ad hoc consulting project work to support clients in the management of risk and control e.g. risk management assessment, support in exiting employees (complex cases), acting as an independent party on internal risk management committees etc.


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