Gift City: Gifting the world a playground to explore business ideas, grow services, innovate, implement and sustain

Sprawled across 886 acres of land and situated on the banks of the iconic Sabarmati river in Gujarat, the Gift City is India’s first and one of the world’s largest state-of-the-art business districts.

It has a humongous 62 million square feet built-up area that offers multiple amenities. Right from office buildings, residential apartments, schools, and hospitals to clubs, hotels, retail spaces, and recreational facilities. The cherry on the cake, however, is the Special Economic Zone or SEZ. Which makes this newest financial and technological hub of India, a favorite with investors, all over the world.

So let us take a deeper look at the top reasons that make Gift City an ideal destination for growing and expanding your business in India.

Top draws of the Gift City

Conceptualised along the lines of Gujarat’s potential as an emerging hotspot for the financial services industry, Gift was an initiative by the Government of Gujarat. The idea of this enormous project was primarily drawn up to create employment opportunities in the services sector.

This gift is now transforming the economic landscape of India by bringing the spotlight on its financial, IT, and ITeS services domain. All said and done, investment is a life-changing proposition for your business. So arming yourself with knowledge is necessary before you take the headlong plunge. Knowing is believing, understanding and sharing, before finally choosing to invest.

So, why choose Gift City?

Flexibility of operation

The ease of doing business in this technologically superior and infrastructurally progressive destination is exemplary. Only add to this, a global partner that offers end-to-end expansion consultation. With intelligent inputs on the market, based on thorough research and analysis, your partner can guide you to make the right decisions. And as your understanding of the current market diversifies, you can aim for aspirational growth through ambitious strategies that give you a competitive edge in this new business destination.

Strategic location

Its strategic location on the banks of the Sabarmati river acts as a connector between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. The two most prolific destinations of Gujarat, the first one in terms of business and the second one in terms of politics. This planned location offers a golden opportunity for tech companies to invest in this cool district by teaming up with a partner of international repute. A company that can provide comprehensive advice on setup and help you in building growth-intensive strategies. Monitoring your company’s compliance, finishing due diligence, assessing your company’s risks, and completing legal formalities are the fundamentals to the success of your business. Your global partner can play a key role here.

Furthermore, working with a group of professionals can help you in identifying your wannabe partnerships. Because selecting a partner can be dicey depending on the market conditions. But when you work in close coordination with a team of experts, they can help in establishing the best partners for you. In addition to this, they can also uphold before you the advantages and disadvantages of an array of options.

Improved standard of living

This fascinating financial and tech gateway offers some exciting amenities. These range from world-class public transport to highly advanced cooling systems across the district and automated waste management. Gift City, therefore, has the potential to become a super-impressive destination for international universities, too. Because with people residing here and the concept of walking to work being a guiding principle of this project, universities at close hand can be a huge plus point.

But as you understand, managing human capital, supporting organisational changes, and discussing the overall aims of your business are the basics of investment. So finding an expansion partner is important with whom you can discuss your future goals freely and efficiently, enabling you to achieve your desired results faster.

Green building principles

The whole infrastructure of this city is guided by the green building principles which make this business district both eco-friendly and energy-efficient. When you invest in this smart hub, you, too, become part of the greater cause promoting environmental sustainability. But as a tech company or an international university looking to gain a strong foothold in India, you need to collaborate with an international company of the highest international standards. A benchmark entity, adept in delivering innovation and support to businesses that wish to spread their wings in India, Asia, and beyond. An organisation, whose approach is based on understanding, expertise, and insight. A pillar whose passion and value are driven by years of hard work and cultivation.


Gift City boasts facilities that speak volumes about its potential to act as a catalyst for the growth of the services market in India. This smart city is an open playground for international companies, including tech organisations and international universities committed to taking their missions and visions across the shores to India.