Finance & HR Operations

Practical support and advice from trusted industry leaders when executing your internationalisation plans.


The best-executed plans are done with the backing of a team of professionals that all have a part to play.

Seamless helps you to set up your company both on the ground and within future strategies. We provide one-stop consultation support.

What our clients say...

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"We have been overwhelmed by the interest in our product range in India and are now looking at ways of building capacity to meet demand. We now see India as a core export market, as part of our longer term strategy."

Managing Director
Manufacturing company
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"Seamless' understanding of the South Asian markets make them an excellent business contact for anyone looking to expand into India. Their sense of urgency and ‘can-do’ attitude is reflected in their approach to relationships and projects alike."

Managing Director
Global Healthcare Company
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Truly end-to-end expansion experts, Seamless will advise and help you navigate complex international setups and structures.
Identify your potential partnerships:

Business partnerships are a difficult concept to get right. After all, everyone in the world of business is in it for their own company’s interests, so choosing a reliable partner is a tricky task depending on the state of the market. Seamless works closely with you, establishing the best-looking business partners and the benefits or drawbacks of a range of options.

Support your operational changes:

Before deciding to take any action that changes your company, consulting with an outside expert on the likely successes of the transition is key. After all, in the event that your company shifts in an inefficient manner that harms productivity, profits fall significantly as costs fly up. Consulting on this transition with the team at Seamless provides greater insight into fundamental business changes.

Manage your organisational changes:

Change management is one of the most important parts of ensuring that an organisation’s transition from one state to another is as efficient as possible. Something as simple as a rebrand can cause significant damage to a company, never mind more fundamental business shifts. That’s why using change management ensures that the structure of a company is retained throughout the process.

Boost your human capital:

Human capital is one of the most important resources available to a company. After all, without human capital you have no innovation, no ideas, and nobody completing the tasks that drive you forward. We focus on supporting strong HR foundations, implementing a level of discipline in your structures and setting the foundations for long-term company progression.

Discuss your overall aims:

In addition to all of the above features, we are proud to discuss our customers’ companies, aims and projects through our much wider consultancy services. The difficult nature of driving your own company forwards is completely understandable, so if you need consultancy support when establishing long-term business solutions, contact the Seamless team.

On The Ground Set-Up And Ongoing Management Of Your Legal Entity Footprint And Teams


Legal entity formation and associated support (registrations, bank account etc.), ongoing finance and accounting support, ongoing compliance support (inc. non profit laws e.g. FCRA in India). These services can be delivered individually or as a bundled offering.

How Seamless can help you...


Support in the set-up of HR foundations / disciplines, provision of ongoing HR support, ad hoc HR advisory support.


A managed solution that allows an organisation to access in-market expertise without the need for a legal entity.


Identifying, assessing and operationalising potential partner relationships.


Supporting clients in implementing complex and typically multi-geography changes driven by set-up, operating model changes etc.


Bespoke consulting support to help organisations achieve their local objectives and/or handle roadblocks that may arise.


    Discuss how our expansion specialists can help your organisation.