Creating a boom for Australian agriculture

The Australian agriculture industry is certainly ambitious. The National Farmers’ Federation and the Australian Federal Government want the sector to grow by 66% by 2030

But how? Big changes are needed and one innovative new area that could boost the industry is agricultural technology. New technologies can help farmers and agricultural workers to:

  • Save time
  • Save money money
  • Reduce waste
  • Increase yield and productivity
  • Increase their profits

At Acumen, we aim to highlight the complexities of local operating environments. Despite the ample benefits of harnessing agricultural technology, there are challenges to face too. Let’s look at some of the opportunities and challenges for agricultural technology.

Data sharing

Sharing data is a fundamental part of our lives today, and being able to share and make use of agricultural data could make a big difference to the industry. Digital solutions like crop sensors or cattle tracking systems generate huge amounts of agricultural data. However, its value is dependant on extracting it and using it more widely. Regional data hubs that pool, analyse, and share information can help agricultural businesses to carry out research, identify new trends, and identify areas where they can develop or improve.

However, a challenge with implementing this is that many rural parts of Australia have a lack of connectivity. Reliable internet connectivity and computer processing are essential for digital systems to work. A solution could be to set up a regional data centre to support agricultural technology solutions.

Promoting collaboration

To help the sector make the best use of new technologies, collaboration is essential between the central government and the private sector. Policy and regulatory measures need to:

  • Support investment
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Align technology with industry, community, and individual needs
  • Build trust in data security and integrity

A lot of work is needed to achieve these aims. Technology providers need to adapt their offerings to support the unique production systems of Australia or engage in new projects to develop solutions that are designed for these needs. Farmers and agricultural workers need education and training to support their use of new technologies, and ongoing research and development is also required to keep developing new and innovative solutions that help the industry to keep booming.

Why innovation is worth it

If the Australian agricultural industry can adopt new agricultural technologies, there are only positive things to come. These solutions not only help farmers today but ensure that future generations of workers are set up for success, therefore future-proofing the industry. With agricultural businesses playing a significant role in the Australian economy, these developments could be significant in the country’s long-term economic growth.

Australian farmers have already embraced new innovations that have turned the industry into world-leading producers. If the government and industry can collaborate effectively to make agricultural technologies work, the sector could be poised for even greater success. If policy-makers, investors, and the agricultural workforce can come together, Australian agricultural could capitalise on artificial intelligence and data sharing just as much as other industries already do.

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