COP27 – Science Day: Watch and wait

The climate summit is officially on! With stakeholders from all walks of life, scientists may make contributions that hold the keys to the protection of Mother Earth at this year’s COP 27 summit. Countries have pledged to do their bit, both large and small, but unfortunately, these promises have not yielded any just rewards for the planet. Still, efforts are unflinching but face curbs due to various real events. As usual, countries struggle to grapple with ways and means to pay for the damage and loss caused by global warming. What scientists are watching and waiting for are countries coming through on promises to prevent emissions and make things right with the earth.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties – Embracing Promises through Changes

The process of evolution was never more important than in the world we live in now. The planet, earth, composed of a huge amount of human beings, is not only forced to change due to its depletion by the human race, but in other ways too. As if things weren’t bad enough, what scientists are watching and waiting for, are the ways that humans are employing to change with new events. During COP26, pledges were made in good faith. However, the planet has altered significantly now. Negotiations to curb global warming are on the agenda, and scientists will have to come up with fresh perspectives in relation to the crisis in Ukraine. This has caused a global disaster in terms of energy prices and shortages.

Daunting Outlook Sparks Innovation

The build up of damage due to the drastic weather conditions is not helping either. It seems as if the challenges ahead are all but impossible to overcome. In the short term, the world may appear bleak, but there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. You would wonder how, with the prices of energy surging through Europe and other places. These skyrocketing prices have urged governments to make investments geared towards artificial reduction of the cost of fossil fuels. In 2021, subsidies  doubled. This is bound to have jumped this year too. The result? The world has little choice but to depend on the planet’s most polluting forms of energy sources.

Now for that good news mentioned earlier. With regard to renewable sources of energy and its installations, they continue to increase on a global scale. Countries are making pledges and are sticking to a lot of them. This includes continents like Australia, out of 26 countries taking oaths, promising curbs on emissions from greenhouse gasses. By 2030, these countries hope to achieve a curb of 43% under the 2005 levels of these gasses. What scientists are watching and reporting on is the extent to what causes of  global warming are fueling major weather disasters.

Scientists Who Watch and Report

As the effects of changes in the climate rise, scientists frequently report on events that shed light on future solutions. This year, in September, they made an announcement about global warming. Scientists stated that the unusual flooding in Pakistan was due to global warming. This devastating event damaged property creating damage costing billions of dollars and killed close to 2,000 people. Infrastructure costs are the most to be borne from disasters, as years of progress come  tumbling down in hours. Questions about how to pay for repair and restoration plague COP27. The answers lie in adaptation and mitigation of further adverse events, say political scientists like Joyeeta Gupta of the University of Amsterdam.

Everyone Helps in Healing

COP27 takes place at an international level with government bodies and large stakeholders. The issues lie close to home as well as in far off places. Consequently, help in healing the planet doesn’t just spring from larger and influential entities, but from any person or organisation. We can help companies in the South and Southeast of Asia garner attention to a cause to adopt sustainability issues. As businesses who want to grow and evolve in a better world, it is the duty of your business to provide a legacy for future businesses.