Conversation Corner: Is 2022 the year that you should start exporting?

2020 and 2021 both proved difficult and limiting for business growth. Most were purely focused on surviving the last 18 months and many faced greater challenges than they had ever planned

Now, on the side of widespread vaccinations and virus control, businesses are beginning to re-emerge and plan how to best make the most of the new year. 2022 represents a fresh start for many and a chance for immense growth on the backend of financial concern.

Is 2022 the year that your business should consider international exportation?

Why you should consider exporting

Exporting outside of your base-of-operations country presents a lot of changes for your business. There are risks as well as benefits but it’s vital to consider how these could develop and grow your business.

By exporting, you will be significantly expanding your markets. As we learned from the lockdowns over the past eighteen months, being dependent on a single market, or having all your eggs in one basket as it were, can be ruinous for any business.

But this also facilitates the potential for growth. Integrating with foreign culture invites new product and service innovation, benefiting the rest of your corporation. Across multiple countries, you will be looking at greater production and larger economies of scale, bettering margins. Your R&D budget can afford to work harder, developing existing products for a new market.

How has the end of lockdown affected exporting?

Now that lockdown is being lifted across the world, or eased in some areas, consumer spending is growing once more and borders are beginning to reopen. Thousands of SMEs in the UK alone are now entering a growth phase, considering the export markets for potential expansion in 2022.

Despite the fact that so many sectors and markets fell over the last eighteen months, cumulative growth is predicted and already being seen in every area to replenish the loss.

What is the FTA situation across countries post-Brexit and post-lockdown?

With an ambitious and comprehensive Free Trade Agreement signed between Australia and the UK early this month on top of the increased trading between the UK and India, and the post-Brexit FTAs in constant process, businesses can expect a swift surge of two-way trade benefits for many countries and the UK.

Seamless was established in 2008 with the focus of helping globally ambitious companies, universities, and non-profits take their work internationally. We are committed to delivering efficiency, effective solutions, and compliance.

Our global services are designed with you in mind. We support companies seeking to drive export by establishing local sales and support teams, driving central efficiencies through the offshoring of back-office or R&D operations. 2022 is the year we will be dedicated to innovation in the exporting sector and we want you to be a part of it.

For more information about exporting or what services we can offer to your company or non-profit, get in touch with Seamless today.

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