Climate Change, finance and everything in between

Climate change is slowly but surely eating into the future of our world. Much has been said about how the Earth will be hotter, yet there would be more floods. It threatens agriculture, leaving millions across the globe vulnerable and susceptible to hunger. If things carry on as they are doing today, our future generations would live in a world that is more unhealthy and more unequal than ever before.

So what do we do to change this? How do we ensure that all this doesn’t happen? Or even if it does, how do we minimise the impacts?

Perhaps, the most important thing that could possibly put a stop to all of this is money.

Innovation needs money

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that among the most important things that are needed to come up with new ideas, products and policies, is money. It’s only through money that governments and companies can hire new people who will bring in new ideas.

For research and development too, scientists need money. It’s a widely accepted fact that with current products and machinery, we won’t be capable of reversing the effects of climate change.

It would need better technologies, more climate-friendly factories, better-trained workers, and bigger government budgets.

But where would the money come from?

Several methods can help global organisations, governments, and companies to raise money. Among the first and probably the most important is commercial finance.

Commercial investment

At the COP27 Summit, on Finance Day, several stakeholders were brought together to discuss how commercial investment around climate change can be enhanced.

Government intervention

Governments can also come up with ideas to raise money for green purposes. A recent example of the “Green Bonds” introduced by India in this year’s budget, is a case in point. Investors can buy the bonds on assurance of a fixed return. The government will use the money raised by those bonds to fund the transformation into green energy.

Another way in which the governments can increase financing is by introducing a green tax. This might be minuscule and may only be targeted toward the richer section of society, but it will go a long way in ensuring a stable funding model.

Nature-based Solutions (NbS)

NbS to various sectors like agriculture would help reduce global emissions and create more of a resilient society. But this too requires a large investment. According to industry estimates, it would require financing to the tune of $598-824 billion every year.


The selfless contribution of people has always come to the rescue, in every difficulty. In Climate change too, these people can play a huge role in bringing new funding.

What can you do?

You could expand your businesses into parts of the world where innovation around climate change is an immediate requirement. Africa, South and Southeast Asia are specific regions that should be treated as top priorities. By expanding into these regions,  you’ll not only help your business to grow but in doing so, will provide you with a way to diversify the source of your revenue.

This would massively help a business to leave a positive mark on the world’s well-being.

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