ASCENT: The New Horizon of Trade Relations Research Report


Are you looking for detailed insights into trade growth between the UK and India? With bilateral trade rising by a staggering 48% between 2016 and 2019, this is an important subject. This report is an essential resource for businesses that want to stay informed. It gives an in-depth insight into the trading relationship between the UK and India, with a focus on emerging opportunities for both countries against an evolving global backdrop and growing ambitions. In recent years the UK has more than doubled its exports to India and many UK businesses are keen to create a trade agreement with the country. At a time when trade is increasing, the report highlights notable opportunities for both nations in trade and investment.

As the global economy recovers from the Coronavirus pandemic and both countries endeavour to achieve new economic goals, it’s critical for businesses in both the UK and India to identify new revenue streams and evaluate their supply chains. The report provides a detailed analysis of trade, identifying a variety of key focus industries. Additionally, it examines a number of rapidly expanding export categories including UK exports of:

Fish and seafood
Whey protein
Scientific instruments
Heavy electrical machinery and chemicals

The report also examines a number of significant Indian exports including:

Optical fibre
Surveying instruments
Packaging materials

This report offers valuable insights for businesses in both nations and places emphasis on the importance of trading services for both countries. With the UK being the world’s second-biggest services exporter and India’s services industry growing rapidly, there are major opportunities for both countries in this area. This momentum indicates the potential that a strong ongoing partnership between the UK and India presents.

Highlighting the significant increase in both exports and imports of services between India and the UK since 2016, it includes informative case studies of small, medium and large businesses trading between the two countries, showcasing a variety of experiences across multiple different sectors. Case studies featured in the report include:

Aspen Pumps
Accord Healthcare Limited
Rolls Royce
Supply Compass
Native Snacks

With substantial opportunities in the coming years for both nations, this report is unmissable if you want to really understand current and future UK-India trade relations.