All Things Outsourcing

Regardless of which sector or industry that you work within, you will have undoubtedly come across the term ‘outsourcing’. Outsourcing is that little ray of light that can offer an alternative solution to businesses facing challenging times in the respective marketplace. As an alternative solution to any business problem, those who have yet to explore the infinite possibilities that it offers, really are missing a trick.

Outsourcing – What it is and Why it Matters

Let’s set the scene. Imagine that you own a business with a small team of HR professionals. Your HR department may not be able to perform all the necessary HR requirements that your industry demands due to the minimal HR headcount. If this is the case, outsourcing some of the mandatory tasks can free up team bandwidth to concentrate on other aspects that are also required of the department. It really is that simple.

Industries put high demands on businesses today, and many have to outsource certain essential business activities to experts from outside the company or business. On a global scale, outsourcing is becoming the preferred way to conduct business, and can take the place of in-house teams in many corporations. In fact, if any company wishes to reduce its expenses, outsourcing can significantly bring down the cost of an operation. 

Statistics Say it All

When Donald Trump was the President of the United States of America, he often complained that most middle class Americans were losing jobs rapidly. This was primarily in the manufacturing industry, as most of this work was being outsourced to countries like Mexico and China. It’s common practice for businesses in the West to outsource most if not all, of their manufacturing operations in today’s marketplace. 

Labor is affordable in countries like India, China and Mexico, and so are the costs of operation of factories/plants. These combined factors significantly contribute to a lower cost of production, especially in an inflation-driven post pandemic era. In fact, certain companies have reduced their costs by 20%-30% as a direct result of outsourcing. For small businesses this proves to be a boon. Almost 37% of all companies and businesses (both large and small), outsource at least a few business activities to outside agencies. 

Outsourcing in the Manufacturing Industry – It Helps to Prepare

The single most important lesson for everyone in the last few years is that life can change quickly. It’s crucial to plan for unexpected events. Having a business contingency and continuity plan is imperative. It pays to be prepared. The ideal way in which to do this is to have a robust disaster coping strategy in place. In the event something goes terribly wrong, your company should be swimming not sinking. 

Manufacturing outsource plans provide excellent opportunities for contingencies and give companies the flexibility that they need. Additionally, outsourcing is available for almost all corporate and production operations and functions, if you need it, you can more than likely find it by outsourcing. Companies who are in any recovery mode find it far easier to outsource many operations, helping the management to focus on getting the company back on track. The key to getting this exactly right is by finding a reliable partner for outsourcing. 

Outsourcing Provides Security

Another function, and this is among the most appealing to companies, is that outsourcing in the manufacturing industry offers invaluable security. In the case of any emergency, outsourcing partners know how to react to a situation where the company’s operations are concerned. Additionally, outsourcing agencies have a number of tools at their disposal, and these help to give companies the support from technology and its advancements. In the manufacturing industry, this is more relevant than ever, as when emergencies occur, outsourcing can and will prevent complete shutdowns. 

Seamless Operations with Outsourcing

Continuity in any business is of utmost importance. In the event that businesses, especially those in the manufacturing industry, are affected by issues that discontinue production, disasters ensue. The results of interruptions are customer dissatisfaction, revenue loss and the decreased reputation of a brand. Instead of risking a business going bankrupt due to these variables, outsourcing acts as the solution. 

It may be time for you to expand your corporate wings, and can help you fly. From managing payroll to helping you with fresh regulations, we can take care of it all for you!